About two years ago, I found this gown on Pinterest and couldn’t figure out who made it. I searched and searched until I gave up. One day while working, I stumbled upon a Israeli designer, who had very similar gowns… I was intrigued. I searched on the site, and BOOM, there it was! MY DRESS! The designer is named Inbal Dror, and one would think that an Israeli designer would design dresses that leave a little more to the imagination… but that is not the case.

Among my favorites, this is the gown I have fondly called the “Pinterest” dress, because that is where I originally found it! While planning a photo shoot with my job, I pleaded with the designer to get the gowns who FINALLY sent them to me.. and this happy girl opened a large package from them today…

Jumping for joy, this is what I found…



You know when you see something and there are simply no words… it’s just that amazing… this dress is just that amazing. 

The beads are exquisite, the detailing around the low-v neckline and the deep plunging v back make this gown a show stopper.  Any woman that is lucky enough to try this gown on and walk down the aisle has my approval.  

The quality and handiwork that goes into making these gowns is incredible, and you can tell when you touch them.  I had no idea how incredible the lace was going to feel when I opened the package… my heart skipped a beat when I touched the soft lace… it was an experience to say the least. 

We got some other gowns from Inbal Dror for the shoot, which I am afraid, I cannot disclose… all I can say is that I am… speechless.


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