Movie Moment Monday: The Wedding Planner

If you know me well, you probably know my obsession with The Wedding Planner.  The movie came out when I was roughly 12 years old, and I was utterly obsessed with it.  My friends recall me playing with my bride paper dolls when we were younger, and playing dress up with Barbies too.  

My favorite movie moment in The Wedding Planner was in the beginning, when Fran tries to calm a nervous bride down by telling her a simple speech that she had used time and time again.  I actually used this monologue when I was auditioning for a play in high school, and can still recite it!


Drum roll please….

“Look at me, you are exquisite.  You’re timeless.  You’re the envy of your future sister-in-law Janis whom I overheard say at the last gown fitting, “Look at those thighs, I’d kill for Tracy’s thighs.” But you have more than great thighs, you have the love of a man named Tom.  A man who, when he walked into the rehearsal dinner the other day said, “I can’t believe she picked me, I can’t believe I’m marrying the most beautiful woman I’ve ever seen” That tells me that this marriage of yours is not only going to work, but it’s gonna last forever!” 

Honestly, who wouldn’t want to marry Mr. McConaughey… he’s so dreamy! 

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