Real Wedding Wednesday: Proposals on Video

Although today is supposed to be about real weddings, I have decided to write about proposals on video!  I was listening to my favorite radio station this morning (Channel 96.1, Ace & TJ to be exact!) and they were talking about a proposal that happened at this week’s Train Concert.

The lucky lady told her boyfriend when they first started dating that “Marry Me” was her favorite song by Train and he kept that in mind when cooking up the best proposal for his girlfriend.  With the lead singer of Train coming over to the couple, the lucky bride-to-be jumped up and down…

Check out this adorable proposal!

Screen Shot 2013-07-31 at 9.22.02 PM


Here is the video of the proposal!

Men, seriously take a note and make sure that you get your proposal on video! Its perfect, and us ladies love it!

Here are some more clever proposals…

…and possibly one of my favorites…

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