Jenny Packham 2014 FULL Collection!

Let’s just say Jenny Packham has plenty of SPARKLE to make any bride happy! I just love her stuff!

To check out her full collection, visit her website!

A Rainy Wedding Day is NOT Bad Luck, at all…

In honor of today’s rain, I decided to show you that rain may be an awesome addition to your wedding day. Take a look at these awesome images that I found on Pinterest, maybe you should *WISH* for rain on the big day! In fact, rain on your wedding day can symbolize many things including: fertility, cleansing, unity, renewal and tears (the *good* ones!)

Here is my Pinterest page, check it out for more inspiration!

Vintage Brides Magazine!

I was at The Depot at Gibson Mill today and stumbled upon this vintage copy of Brides Magazine!

Dated in spring 1941, this vintage copy has the most interesting advertisements and fashion! Some of the fashion could actually be worn today. The most shocking thing about this magazine… The prices… The magazine was 50 cents, dresses in the magazine started at $30….wow!

Check out the cover!


Real Wedding: Kristen & Andrew

I am so lucky to know people in the bridal business, and today’s post features a real wedding shot by Love Shutter Photography. Why did I choose to feature this couple? Check out their attention to detail: his blue shoelaces, their pictures on the bathroom doors, the here comes the bride sign, the B over the bridal party after they were married… all just perfect details to give you a glimpse into this couples personality. PS- I love his hop at the end… totally adorable!