Engagement Surprise courtesy of Paul Walker!

I am a HUGE fan of Paul Walker, and since his death, I have been a little sad. Been a fan since Varsity Blues and haven’t stopped loving that blue-eyed man. When I found out that he passed away, I did what everyone else did—googled it for a while thinking it was a hoax, then finding the unfortunate results that he was in fact…gone. How could one of my FAVORITE actors be gone? SO SAD 😦

Since his death, rumors have swirled about what he did with his life and it turns out that Paul was a very giving person. He had a charity and was working with survivors of the typhoon—talk about a good guy. He recently had his daughter move in with him full time-can you imagine..I would love to be her friends, always wanting to come over and see him! I think he looked like a very down to earth guy, just wanted to surf all the time and spend time with the ones he loved… that’s how I saw him anyway.

Anyways, back on track here— in 2004, Paul did a really good deed… He overheard a couple talking about getting engaged while in a jewelry store but they couldn’t afford the ring. They left disappointed when they were stopped by a sales associate saying “Here is your Ring!” Paul purchased the $9,000 ring for the couple… talk about a stand up guy! Here is the link for the article on TIME.

Check out the video on CNN!

Paul, you will forever be missed by this City Girl, but I know I can always look at your pretty face on your movies and in pictures. Please keep his family in your thoughts and prayers. RIP Paul.

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