Eugenia Couture Fall 2014 FULL Collection!

My good friends at CLD PR provided me with the images to Eugenia Couture‘s latest line! They also told me a little about the brand…Barbara has brought a unique and modern twist to the classic Eugenia style. With classical training in both drawing and painting, she has contributed a number of fine-art techniques to the design process, including the addition of hand-painted gowns. Inspired by beautiful textiles, great works of art, and history’s classic beauties, Barbara seeks to recreate perfection with every new design. Additionally, Eugenia Couture utilizes a Zero-Waste Design Model, which ensures that all excess materials from one gown are used toward the creation of another.

I had the chance to meet Eugenia last year and she was so sweet! I love her line and I hope you do too!

Screen Shot 2013-12-19 at 5.32.45 PM

Check out the full collection here!

Here is Eugenia Couture’s Facebook link!

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