The Incredible Lihi Hod Bridal Collection

A designer friend of mine told me yesterday, “Blair, you have this talent to find the most incredible obscure designers’ and that got me thinking. I used to work for a bridal magazine and I used to research designers among other things. I would stumble upon real gems once in a while, and when I did- it was pure magic. After connecting with one designer, they all form a secret network of awesome-ness and then you’re in. Needless to say, check out the incredible Lihi Hod.

Straight out of Tel Aviv, Israel, this fantasy bridal designer creates gowns only dreams are made of. Where’s the magic wand? You think you have seen beautiful bridal gowns before, well think wrong. Check out the amazing collection…consider yourself warned.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Dying to try one of these gowns on? Check out the stockists in the United States! With one store on both coasts, these gowns are worth the trip!
Marina Morrison in San Francisco
Gabriella in NYC

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