Kendra & Brandon get “Murried” in 2 months!!! 

I can’t imagine a more perfect couple, to tell you the truth. Kendra and Brandon are truly made for each other. You know those gorgeous couples they put in picture frames, yep- thats K & B. If everyone had just a little bit of the love that he showers her with, the world would be a better place.  


 I first met Kendra at work, she sold prom gowns and I sold wedding gowns.  We instantly became friends. Kendra is one of the most genuine people I know with a huge heart to go along with it.  Kendra is one of four gorgeous sisters; their mom raised them well!  I remember a customer in the store whispering and then asking me if that was her…here’s the thing, I don’t have cable, so I had no idea. You might recognize her family from the TV show Preacher’s Daughters. 

Here’s the thing: I wanted to be Kendra’s friend because she was sweet and fun to be around. I never knew that we would be so close as time went on…

I first met Brandon at the shop too. I think he randomly came in to say hello, and what a hello that was.  Brandon is not only good looking, he’s got the absolute best personality and biggest heart to go along with him. His mother raised him well, to say the least. He actually appeared in my photo shoot if you remember… 

 Kendra and Brandon moved to Hawaii last year, and let me just tell you- if there’s a more perfect place for a couple, this is it. They are constantly posting pictures of their adventures on the island; surfing, hiking, jumping off cliffs, and my favorite: the proposal.








 Setting the perfect scene: Brandon pulled out all the stops for this proposal which included the most perfect Hawaiian sunset, a swing, fresh Hawaiian flowers and pictures and quotes from their family and friends. Needless to say, she said yes… Want more juicy engagement details…click here

Their wedding is set for September 25, 2015 and I can’t wait! They are getting married under a big tree, which if you know them, is completely perfect. Their families and friends will be in attendance and I expect to feel a lot of love in the air that day…this wedding has been a long time coming and I’m just so lucky to be honored as a guest at the wedding. 
Congratulations Kendra & Brandon. 

Photography credits: Connection Photography, Kendra Koloff

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