Surprise Ballerina Flash Mob!

I am a sucker for all of the “grooms surprise bride with dance” videos and I think I finally saw the BEST ONE! 

To view the video, CLICK HERE! —>Best groom video EVER 

The couple featured in this video are both ballerinas (yes, ballerinas!!) and from what I can gather they dance professionally in Richmond, Va. (Might need to make a trip!) 

 Okay I watched the ENTIRE 8-minute-long video (which is well worth it) and I’m not going to lie- I was obsessed with figuring out what the brides dress looked like… So of course if you see in the video 4:50 or so, it’s stunning! You do end up seeing the full dress at the very end! 

Photo credit: I may have borrowed on the Valerie Tellman-Henning’s Facebook page and borrowed some images… 

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