The Leading Lady Collection by Eliza Jane Howell

If you know anything about me, you know I’m constantly looking for fresh and new designers that are going to knock my socks off. I’ve latched onto a few that I discovered early into their careers (Claire Pettibone, Inbal Dror, Yaki Ravid, etc.) and I’ve enjoyed watching them grow and be successful. 

I stumbled upon Eliza Jane Howell bridal and I was blown away. The 20s silhouettes and shimmering designs were almost too much to handle! They are luxurious and intricately designed and if you do a little digging you will find out that they are HAND BEADED and sometimes HAND EMBROIDERED!! Brb…currently dying!! 

The designer has been nominated (and won) Best Bridal Designer at U.K. Bridal Awards…so why haven’t I heard of her yet??!! *facepalm*

All images from designer’s website.

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