About Uptown Chic

Hello! My name is Blair and I am the owner of Uptown Chic Weddings & Events. You might be interested in why I named my business “Uptown Chic…” Well, for starters, I LOVE THE CITY and yep- you guessed it, I LOVE WEDDINGS!  So I decided to “marry” my two loves into one a business! I started out in bridal when I was 12 years old… its been a LONG time since then, and my love for bridal has only increased! I started making a wedding scrapbook when I was young and have kept it going since then… it has evolved into a bookcase complete with hard bound books from David Tutera, Jessica Simpson, Vogue Weddings Book (do yourself a favor, go buy it!) and Mindy Weiss’ The Wedding Book.  I have tons of magazines that I look through often and track trends.  I love fashion, so bridal couture is one of my favorite areas!  I try to keep tabs on what is current in bridal fashion and the latest trends in weddings.

I hope you like what you see!

Find me on Pinterest! Blair’s Pinterest Board: Beware!  *just make sure to look when you have A LOT of time… I have more than 4000 pins on there… 


2 thoughts on “About Uptown Chic

  1. Hi Blair , I am part of the social media team of a bridal designer who is about to take her collections international. I’d love to get an email address for you so I can explain more and send you some hi res images for your blog. if this is something you would be interested in please email me.
    Look forward to chatting!

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